leedillonstuart: you don't by any chance know who has the leoroberts url do you? only my friend is desperate for it and it's taken but not being used, so i thought i'd go round the people who've posted in his tag because obviously he's not /that/ popular. if not, would you mind just asking among your followers because i really want to find this url for my friend! thank you!

I’m sorry, I don’t!!! 

Does anybody else know, by chance?


A fond farewell to Niall Sheehy [Feuilly/1st cover Enjolras] who has his last night in Les Miserables in London tonight! (11/3/14). You’ve made us laugh, you’ve made us cry, thank you for being such an incredible cast member - you’ll be sorely missed! 

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@lesmisofficial: I might need to put my phone down and help @niallsheehy #distracteddresser

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Great job for the two in charge of the scrapbook. x 

Guess which lovely Les Mis lad just made me a cuppa based on the mug it’s in? It was this gorgeous boy!! (x)

I spotted an uncanny similarity between  @lesmisofficial ‘s @niallsheehy and the one and only @SusanBoyleHQ (x)

YAAAY….My Show Hoodie arrived!! Like the name?? :) (x)

I got bored, so it looks a bit crap….I blame your half!! (x)

Seeing as it just turned to 2014 where I live, I would like to wish all of the wonderful followers of fyeahniallsheehy a wonderful new year! 

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After a beer and a long days work, sleep kicks Niall’s ass!! (x)