So we got like three stories of idina breaking character and the fourth wall on stage in the past few days and people finding it cute and adorabld and calling her the queen bc of it
When will people get this kind of behaviour is rude and unprofessional as shit? I mean, i get the marketing make it seem like the ppl paid to see idina the queen, but a good deal of them probably paid you know
To see a fucking musical

no explanation just ‘not sending these’ i just are you fucking kidding i’m going to cry i really was looking forward to this

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i’m so fucking mad like

my grandma ordered me two west end eurovision programmes from madtrust and paid and all like a month ago and i was super excited

but they just refunded them???? what the fuck

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fave spotted in half a second bye

i’ll be rebloggin into the woods at some point even if the movie is awful because i have a chris pine problem

i’ll never be done organizing my cast recordings help

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@thefleetstreetvicomte - i’ve been wanting to do that for years. But it’s the family’s dvd player and my dad’s just like no, i paid, don’t hurt my dvd player. Which sucks. And when it comes to the computer one it’s really in the computer and i’m not really feeling safe about opening my comp to get to it. SO I’M STUCK COMPLAINING ABOUT IT. T.T its really annoying. I’ll find a way to do thzt someday I guess. Or I’ll just buy a random cheap dvd player and dezone it but i’d need money for that so. One day.

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@ohfantine - actually no, bc the dvd player on my comp is also zoned.

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I’d kill for this dvd but it’s zone 1 so it won’t play in france i’m so mad it has daniel sunjata in my fave play i’m mad

Anonymous said:
how many followers do you have? :)

Hm, about 800 now? shit, that’s a lot.

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